If you are planning a skiing trip in Connecticut, perhaps the most important part of planning is deciding on a resort. Four Connecticut ski resorts are the major destinations for skiers in the state. Each has a slightly different experience and offerings that can help you choose the right one for you and your group.

Connecticut Ski Resorts

Mohawk Mountain

A favorite of locals and tourists alike, Mohawk Mountain is Connecticut’s oldest ski resort, with 68 years of history. The resort became famous when creator Walt Schoenknecht developed the first snowmaking machine, paving the way for technology used worldwide today. Tucked in the northwest corner of the state, this resort also sees some of the highest snowfalls in the state. This is the place to go for big snow. The resort features 25 trails with varying degrees of difficulty and character. Half of the trails are open daily for night skiing. The resort also has a dedicated learning center for those in your party who may be just learning how to ski.

Mount Southington

That said, if you have a group of relatively new skiers, this is definitely one of the Connecticut ski resorts you want to consider. A majority of the trails here are beginner level, and of the fourteen available trails, half cater towards new skiers. Better yet, they also have seven lifts, and since the resort typically isn’t crowded, generally there isn’t much of a line. This allows even large groups to get in a good amount of skiing and hone their skills for wickeder mountain slopes in the state.

Ski Sundown

As the name implies, fourteen of the fifteen trails here offer night skiing. Like Mount Southington, Ski Sundown caters to beginners, but they have more robust offerings in terms of lessons. However, they also have fewer lifts and the resort is busier, so be prepared for a little wait. But if night skiing is your thing, you’re not going to beat this spot.

Woodbury Ski Area

Woodbury is popular with New Yorkers, since it’s the closest resort to Manhattan and the southwest tip of Connecticut. Because of this proximity, many residents make Woodbury their home base for skiing and then occasionally treat themselves to resorts further north. Still, this ski area has plenty of robust ski offerings, as well as the largest tubing park in the area. They are also open most of the year—often even in summer—making them a unique choice for a spring or fall vacation with the kids.

Now that you know a little about each of the major Connecticut ski resorts, you can choose the perfect one for your trip and start your skiing adventure.

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