Connecticut is home to a number of skiing resorts, each of which caters to a different group. Powder Ridge, for instance, is perfect for cross-country skiers, or those who love to catch air on ski jumps. Woodbury offers year-round skiing, but is a better choice for novices. Winding Trails is a perfect resort for enjoying a scenic afternoon of light and relaxing skiing. When it comes to picking out your skis, however, you can find a personalized solution at pretty much any Connecticut ski rentals shop.

The following considerations should help you choose the right skis for your skiing adventure in the Constitution State.

How Long Do You Plan to Use the Skis?

The first consideration when choosing your skis is how long you will be using the equipment for. New skiers should generally avoid buying skis until they know exactly what they want. Season ski rentals can strike a nice balance between buying a set and daily rentals. There’s also the question of how long the trip itself will be. For the convenience, shorter trips may fit best with resort-based rentals. For cost savings that add up over several days, and especially if you have a sizable vehicle, think about offsite ski rentals.

What Kind of Skiing?

Are you a cross-country skier? Planning on racing? Or, perhaps downhill skiing is more your thing. Different types of skiing require slightly different equipment. Not to worry, Connecticut ski rentals are more than willing to have a brief conversation, or rental form, that will help you to find the right supplies for the type of skiing you plan to do.

What Kind of Powder?

Different styles of skis are best suited for different conditions. For instance, you would want a different set of skis for groomed powder slopes than pure powder ones. Because snow quality tends to vary more in Eastern states, such as Connecticut, than in Western ones, most skiers in the state will want skis that are geared towards packed powder, which fares well in a variety of conditions.

What Is Your Experience Level?

Some skis are engineered for newbies, who have never been down a slope before. Others are created for advanced skiers who need to be able to make hair-point turns, or perform a number of acrobatic feats. When choosing a pair of skis, it is important to assess your ability accurately, as otherwise, those expensive racing skis could prove frustrating when you’re barely able to keep your balance on a bunny slope.

Book Your Connecticut Ski Rentals

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the considerations and choices, you aren’t alone. Skiing is an amazingly nuanced sport. Part of a ski rental specialist’s job is to help you assess your needs, so all you have to do is ski. Bob’s Sports Chalet in Bristol specializes in racing gear and is one of the longest most popular choices for Connecticut ski rentals. Alpine Haus features boot fitters with masters certification, which is particularly important for long days on the slopes.

No matter what type of skiing you’re planning to do, or your level of experience, there is both a resort and a rental shop that will fit your needs.

Alpine Haus

Bob’s Sports Chalet

Suburban Ski and Bike

Rotary Ski

New England Ski & Scuba

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